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Aloe Blacc


Aloe Blacc, main rapper to SoCal indie-hip hop mainstays Emanon offers the soulful side of his multi-tasking recording personality with his Stones Throw Records debut. Indeed, Aloe's self-produced release is a different kind of record for Stones Throw. Though it draws from the hip hop, soul, jazz and funk that the label is known for, this is a step (albeit a progressive one) towards the contemporary Urban scene.

"Want Me" is made for the dance floor from a dancer's perspective. The percussive elements along with the bouncing bass contrast with the over-the-top synthesizer patterns. Vocally, Aloe introduces the first verse with a two-part harmony and then throws in a bit of emceeing to complement his singing in the middle of the song. At 107 BPM, it's perfect for DJS – and sits in the sweet "mixing range for down tempo electronic or up-tempo hip-hop.

"Arrive," the B-side, combines a drowning reverb on almost every synth element and long delays on Aloe's vocals. A very soulful song, Aloe seductively distributes his double-entendres with a candor rarely found on a Stones Throw Records release. On the production tip, Aloe's drums smirk at the quantize feature on his sampler: they knock heavy with a stuttering high hat and thick rim shot which dance around a kick settled deep in the pocket.