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Natasha Bedingfield


With a number one single in America, over six million units shifted worldwide, Natasha Bedingfield is the UK's biggest female pop star bar none, a bold, beautiful home grown answer to US uber divas Christina and Pink.

Natasha took the US by storm with the first British chart topping hit by a female in almost twenty years. 'Vanity Fair' singled her out as the spearhead of a new Britpop invasion; she became one of the faces of Gap (alongside Mia Farrow and Common); she jammed with her hero Prince at a private party; Bono enlisted her in his (RED) campaign; and her song 'Unwritten' proved to be the most played song on mainstream American radio last year.

To everyone else, she was "The 'Single' Girl". Natasha blasted her way up the charts in 2004 with her typically outspoken take on the lifestyles of independent young women. So her return to action may come as something of a surprise. In October 2007, Natasha Bedingfield is back with "Love Like This" which was produced and co-written by The Runawayz, who consist of Ryan Tedder, (Jennifer Lopez, Timbaland) Sam Watters, (Fantasia, Anastacia) Rico Love, (Usher) and Wayne Wilkins (Nicole from PCD, Jordin Sparks.) The track features Sean Kingston.

Natasha was something of an overnight success in the UK and Europe, when her 2004 debut 'Single' was a smash hit. The follow up, 'These Words' and album, 'Unwritten', reached number one. Then America, for so long a no go zone for British talent, began to take an interest. "In the music world, America is the prize, the great coconut you win at the fair, but they really don't care if you've been successful anywhere else, they want to know who you are and see what you can do for themselves," explains Natasha. "I had to be willing to start over and prove myself from the ground up again. I travelled around with a guitarist to radio stations and small shows, a different state and three different cities every day for four or five months, performing for just ten or twenty people sometimes. It was really strange, singing to the smallest crowds I'd ever sung to, in the middle of nowhere, and having girls come up and say, 'I really hope you do well.'"

With over a(1.4) million downloads of her single, 'Unwritten', Natasha became the first British female to score a no. 1 in the US billboard pop chart since Kim Wilde and 'You Keep Me Hangin' On', 19 years earlier. "I got to experience the American dream, the concept that you start out a nobody and make yourself into someone. It was humbling, but freeing as well and I found that's quite a good place from which to write."

Never one to mouth empty platitudes, Natasha has a gift for creating pop music that does not sacrifice intelligence on the altar of universal appeal. "I love music that has thought put into it, and is not just formulaic. I hope that when someone listens to my songs they will discover a few different layers. At the same time, I want to communicate, and I don't want to put up barriers. It is pop because it's not elitist, it's anthemic, it's got structure to it and it's easy to understand. Plus, I like to dance. I love lots of weird experimental music and sensitive singer-songwriters, but they are kind of hard to shake your arse to."

Natasha grew up in a spiritual and highly creative household. "From a young age I was aware of a spiritual dimension. Creatively it's been helpful for me." she says, but insists it is not her job to proselytize. "It's a very private thing." She would rather express her faith in action than words, and is involved in the (RED) campaign and has done volunteer charity work abroad. "I like to do things that help me keep perspective," she says. "What is success? Success can be career, it can be money but I have seen so many people that will mould themselves in any way they can just to become somebody, and I don't feel it's worth it."