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A Bossa Eletrica


In the most southern part of Sweden you'll find a collective of musicians and music connoisseurs that love all aspects of the Brazilian music heritage. Together they call themselves A Bossa Eletrica and are one of Sweden's most hardworking (and best) live outfits.

Together with superb lead vocalist Miriam Aida, this 6-piece band is not your average dodgy bossa nova act. Top-notch musicians and arrangers, they record 100% live and with a deep respect for the classic sounds that were hailing from Rio, Sao Paulo and Salvador in the 60's and 70's. They could be described as the missing link between current acts like Da Lata and classic artists like Djavan, Joyce, Marcos Valle or Jorge Ben.

Their music has already been played on dance floors all over the world thanks, in no small part, to their massive cover version of Airto Moreira's samba smash Tombo In 7/4, a track that was supported by all the major jazz and latin inspired djs internationally.

A Bossa Eletrica are:

Miriam Aida - voc

Fredrik Kronkvist - fl./as.

Mats Andersson - ac. Git.

Måns Mernsten - rhodes

Mats Ingvarsson - bass

Måns Block - drums/perc.