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Luz Mob


With a throw-back to 70s soundtracks, Luz Mob packs a multi-textured pan-Latin & Caribbean album with wild beats and rich rhythms perfect for a fabulous cocktail party.

Luz Mob is Luz Fleming, who draws from his upbringing and surroundings in urban San Francisco, Oakland, Brooklyn as well as rural Libré, Colorado to thread together a quilt of disparate styles. Studying under musical heavyweights such as Reggie Workman and Bill Dixon, Luz was influenced not only by improvisation and performance, but also by the hip-hop aesthetic he absorbed growing up in San Francisco's Mission District. This all seeps out in various guises in Luz's music; from his alto and baritone saxophone and bass clarinet constructions, to more dub and hip-hop rooted electronic production. Along with his 9-piece orchestra, he crosses different musical spectrums, infusing them with a healthy smattering of bumping beats.