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Blue Six


Jay Denes started his professional career in music in the late 80's playing keys and singing in a New York based electronic pop band. After signing his first record deal, and experiencing the difficulties so often encountered at the hands of the "majors", he decided to strike out on his own as a writer and producer.

Longtime friend and producer Bob Power (D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, etc.) introduced him to the man who, over the next fifteen years, would become his close friend and business partner: Dave Boonshoft. Dave is both accomplished musician and successful entrepreneur, a perfect match for Jay's talents as a writer, producer, and engineer.

Together they decided that, as independents, the best road to go down was the one that let them make the highest quality recordings possible while still retaining commercial viability.

Thus the Naked Music NYC production company was born. A series of unique and highly identifiable genre bending releases immediately set the tone, winning them instant popularity among listeners and djs from a variety of camps. Quick success in the underground music scene led to wider and brighter horizons; continued growth in their niche - coupled with more high profile remix work for major labels - soon led to the formation of the Naked Music imprint. The brand flourished, first with a series of compilations - featuring a majority of the production company's tunes - their distinctive sound and stylized look being widely emulated around the world.

A Joint Venture with Virgin/EMI was formed. This proved, however, to be a difficult marriage. Reaffirming the company's original mission - now expanded - became paramount.

Shortly thereafter the focus shifted towards a broader artistic vision. Creating meaningful artist albums with a powerful personal message atop the now well established style seemed a clear path.

With Naked Music Recordings now entering it's twelfth year, Jay's focus has been on producing and writing as much of the label's output as possible, keeping the emphasis on purity of vision and quality. The look and sound has continued to evolve, but the mission has remained constant: Staying true to the art in the face of a fickle, trend oriented industry.

His albums released under the artist name Blue Six – are probably his best known work. He has also remixed a variety of artists from Sadé to Maxwell to great acclaim. Most recently, he has focused on writing and producing Aya's "Strange Flower" and (in collaboration with Eric Stamile) Lisa Shaw's "Cherry." He has also worked under the Naked Music name as artist on both their founding and 10th anniversary releases (entitled "Recreation").