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Hans Zimmer featuring Rodrigo y Gabriela

Hans Zimmer is one of the film industry's most respected and sought-after composers with a career that encompasses more than 100 film and television scores. An Academy Award® winner for his score for The Lion King, Zimmer has also received eight...
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Havana's story begins in the early 80's. Growing up without a mother and father present in her life Havana often had feelings of loneliness and abandonment. At an early age she would mimic her favorite artists by tape recording herself singing their ...
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Heather Headley

Bringing a sense of culture and self reliance with her to Indiana, and eventually to college at Northwestern University where she majored in musical theater and communications, Heather Headley has stood out amongst the crowd in the music community. [Read More]

Heather Park

Heather Park is not what you expected. She dreams in pictures. She sings with soul.

Soul of a woman, eyes of a child, a voice that exudes warmth, and a tone that invokes you to keep listening. Her music has a lyrical intellect, with a sou...
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Her Space Holiday

Marc Bianchi began recording under the moniker Her Space Holiday in 1996. It started as a simple affair, just a four track, a couple of cheap microphones, a beat up drum set, a guitar, and the desire to make music on his own. It was never Marc's inte...
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Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert's celebrated career in music began over four decades ago, with early-and extraordinary--successes including his 1958 co-write, with Lou Adler and Sam Cooke, of the evergreen hit "Wonderful World." Today, 75 million+ in record sales down t...
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Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock's 40-year career as a recording artist is graced by a series of astonishing musical landmarks. Few other musicians of the 20th century have exhibited the wide range of interests and mastery of various genres that this jazz legend has b...
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Heroes of the Dancefloor


Gary Alesbrook / Trumpet

Alesbrook has been involved on the session circuit for many years playing with artists such as Kasabian, Lynden David Hall, Scissor Sisters, India Arie, Polly Gibbons, Super Furry Animals, To...
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Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote is the sound of serendipity. Every so often a band comes along that captures the collective imagination, a band that has all the essential elements in place to become a musical movement. The music of Hiatus Kaiyote strikes the perfect...
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High Chai Recordings

As a 3-headed baby monster with NYC-based producer/DJ/musicians Cenzo (Vincent Schimel), dimmSummer (Sankar Sury) and Bollygirl (DK Khambata) at the helm, High Chai Recordings brings you the best of left field underground breaks. With two releases, G...
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Hil St. Soul

The stunning and talented Zambia born, London raised, singer/songwriter Hilary Mwelwa, is set to shake up the American R&B and neo soul scene with Copasetik & Cool. Hilary along with musical partner, writer/producer Victor Redwood Sawyer (founder of...
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Hindi Zahra

Moroccan-born, Paris-based Hindi Zahra can speak to mountains or whisper in your ear. She can turn rustling plastic bags into Berber beats and Parisian kitchens into soul incubators. Playfully savoring East and West, she writes infectious and hip son...
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Holly Palmer

Singer-songwriter Holly Palmer's music is something you feel as much as you hear. Maybe more - absorbed by the senses and infiltrated into the brainwaves, it's a vibe that puts body, mind and soul in motion. A seamless mixture of soul, pop, jazz and...
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For singer/songwriter/producer Hope, her name pretty much says it all. She's a gifted performer with an angelic voice and a naturally sunny disposition. She's a lyricist for whom the word "love" comes easily. Armed with a message as she readies for h...
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Hot Chip

At Hot Chip's core is a unique music making partnership comprised of Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard, Owen Clarke, Al Doyle and Felix Martin. Following the completion of a three album deal with EMI, the band have moved operations to their new home at Domi...
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Hyper Crush

Live and direct from the honky tonk of electro. Behold the all time greatest 50's doo-hop, electro, hip hop group from the 80's. Three shit-faced extra terrestrials known amongst the elite simply as Donny, Preston and Holly. A couple of real gentleme...
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