Les Nubians Release Nü Revolution + “Afrodance” Video

Les Nubians‘ third release Nü Revolution is out today and they’re premiering this bouncy video fun for the first single “Afrodance.” The musicians and sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart have expressed that this latest album is a celebration of life; they want to introduce something upbeat and joyful to this time of uncertainty.

Make sure to check out their tour dates and stream the full album on AOL and MSN Music plus this video interview with CNN.

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GPWW 3/30/11: Seun Kuti Album Preview and Now That’s What I Call Bumps Vol. 2 mix

Photo by Mark Godwin of The Guardian

Gilles serves up the second volume of “Now that’s what I call Bumps” on this installment of GPWW. For those of you new to the “Now That’s What I call Bumps” series, it spotlights some of the international stars in the “beats” scene, a new generation of musicians. Mostly instrumental numbers, they range from high energy tunes like “Lil Zurna” by Debruit to serene tracks like “Brushmetal” by Devonwho.

The Worldwide Show also treats us with a preview of Seun Kuti & Fela’s Egypt 80 new album From Africa With Fury: Rise to be released by Because Music. The UK Guardian recently sat down with Seun and discussed various topics such as politics, his legendary father Fela, and his new album. Catch that interview here.

Part 1

Part 2

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More Info & Tracklisting

GPWW 3/16/11: The Stepkids, Raoul K & Music from Japan, for Japan

This week, Gilles Peterson has words and music from The Stepkids (Stones Throw) and Raoul K, but he made time in between sets to play music from Japan, for Japan. The Japanese joints are simply beautiful, including artists like the Hideo Shiraki Quintet, UFO and Hozan Yamamoto. He also got a quick interview with The Stepkids, self-professed ‘MP3 nerds,’ and a sampling from their new album. A post-genre band, these guys have played as session musicians in different ways – from hard jazz, to R&B, to indie rock and everything in between. The combination they created for their upcoming album is like nothing you’ve heard before. The show ends with a mix from Raoul K, German-based DJ via West Africa, with tracks from King Sunny Ade, Carl Craig, Raoul K himself and more.

Part 1

Part 2

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More Info & Tracklisting

Les Nubians – Live Performance & Interview on NPR

Les Nubians have an upcoming album on Shanachie Records on April 19th, Nü Revolution; if you haven’t already, check out the video for “Veuillez Veiller Sur Vos Rêves” and the streaming audio for “Afrodance.” The Cameroonian/French-based duo recently stopped by NPR’s ‘Tell Me More’ for a live performance and a lovely interview in which we learn more about the concept of Nü Revolution. With all the turmoil in the world right now, the optimism of sisters Célia and Hélène is an essential part of their uplifting music.

“…It’s the evolution of a dream. It’s also the evolution and the revolution, through woman, through Eve. This album is how we materialize our dreams and how we formulate new dreams to create the future.” – Célia

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Les Nubians Live on NPR’s Tell Me More

A Tribe Called Quest – The Documentary & the MTV Interviews

Let’s discuss this snowballing Tribe documentary situation… The Sundance Film Festival premiered the documentary Beats Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest. Fans wondered why the group wasn’t promoting the film and it became controversial; they seemed to be disassociated from the project. Phife attended the Sundance festival, but he was not happy and openly expressed regret that his bandmates were not there to share the moment. More internet rumors and rumblings suggested that Tribe was not happy with their producers, or the end result. But differences of opinion are hardly unique obstacles in film production. So the extent of Tribe’s participation was called into question because the group was practically silent about it.

Finally, this week, MTV’s news reporter Sway interviewed Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed (with Jarobi on speaker phone) to “Break the Silence” about the documentary. The video above was released today – it’s only Part Two of the interview. The real shocking statements came in Part I of the interview, confirming rumors that it was a clusterf#ck of a project. [Watch Part 1] In Part I, Q-Tip shares some internal dialogue from the producers of the film, mainly Michael Rapaport, who has been very outspoken about the documentary since the Sundance Film Festival. It revolved around an email which was mistakenly sent to the group by one of the film’s producers (probably on autocopy, thank you technology!) Even though the entertainment industry has never been known for tact, honesty or good business, the email #fail was inflammatory and upsetting to the group and its real fans.

We have some Tribe action to look forward to now, including the rest of this MTV interview, the documentary (which will be featured soon at Tribeca Film Festival) plus a new album from Q-Tip, and a “director’s cut” from Michael Rapaport.

Update 3/18 – MTV has posted the full 7-part interview here.