Photo: NYE 2013 on is an awesome photo aggregation site that pulls together trending photo posts to the internet. In a nutshell, they tag their service as “the easiest way to see all pics, videos and tweets, from everyone at an event, in one shared album.” How fancy!

In honor of the new year festivities, has shared with us their special NYE 2013 page so folks can join in on all the most happening events around the globe! Check out the embed above to get a little taste of what’s happening already or follow this link to the NYE 2013 page.

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Tweet #ToyotaGiving For An Automatic Donation to Youth Music Education


How about a free way to donate money to a great youth music education organization, World Up? It’s super simple and there only a couple more days left! The program ends on Sunday, November 18.

1. Post to Twitter or Instagram how you have been inspired by music to make a difference in the world or your community, using the hashtag #ToyotaGiving.

2. For every tagged #ToyotaGiving tweet or Instagram photo, Toyota will donate $2 to World Up, up to $5,000.

About World Up:

World Up uses hip-hop as a way to talk to youth about global issues and politics, bringing hip-hop artists from around the world into the classroom to tell their stories. Over the past eight years World Up has partnered with hundreds of artists including Lupe Fiasco and Young Guru to name a few, and has developed a curriculum that goes beyond global issues to teach youth literacy, leadership and music production skills.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Technology, hip-hop, and education for the young ones – and we can help make it happen with a couple internet clicks. Good deal. You can learn more about World Up via the above video (produced for another recent fundraising campaign).

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With the help of the community and #ToyotaGiving, World Up’s goal is to generate 2,500 posts, enough to raise $5,000 which will be used to help expand World Up’s educational programs and work towards establishing a World Up school.

The Roots Release ‘undun’ App + NPR Stream


The Roots certainly didn’t disappoint with the “Make My” single off their December 6th slated undun. And now we can be further not disappointed with a complete stream of the album on NPR. The moody and often melancholy concept based album is layered and textured, playing out like an audio story, which could also easily double as a film soundtrack.

Also, yesterday the group dropped a free iTunes app to go with their very first conceptual project. The app includes photos, lyrics, interviews, music video snippets and in all “an immersive experience that elucidates the life and times of one Redford Stephens,” the focal character on undun.

1. Dun
2. Sleep
3. Make My feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw
4. One Time feat. Phonte & Dice Raw
5. Kool On feat. Greg Porn & Truck North
6. The OtherSide feat. Bilal Oliver & Greg Porn
7. Stomp feat. Greg Porn
8. Lighthouse feat. Dice Raw
9. I Remember
10. Tip The Scale feat. Dice Raw
11. Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)
12. Possibility (2nd Movement)
13. Will To Power (3rd Movement)
14. Finality (4th Movement)

Dowload the undun app on iTunes

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Video: araabMUZIK – ‘Beats Per Minute’ [Flud Watches]


A little while back, we gave away Flud’s BPM Watch and shared a feature video with DJ Numark, which was one of many promoting the launch of the fantastic watch. Other producers featured in the series included DJ Spinna, Lord Finesse, DJ Babu, and Exile, amongst others.

The final video dropped a few days ago and one might call it crack of sorts. If anyone is familiar with araabMUZIK, you know that this dude murders ish. Like, absolutely rips it. No joke. We saw him at SXSW last year and were frozen into a daze of awesome bliss. Take a look.

Purchase the Flud BPM watch at Flud | Karmaloop

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Diplo Releases New Mix Using Legitmix


For the first time ever, the revolutionary Legitmix platform is allowing musicians to legally sell songs using copyrighted music without having to go through the arduous and costly sample clearing process. Further, anyone can recreate a DJ set, remix, or sample-based song on their own computer utilizing the original samples used by the artist!

Crazy exciting. We will certainly be nudging our pals sitting on uncleared sampled music, for starters.

Diplo has partnered with Legitmix to release Mad Legit, a 40-minute DJ set including 9 exclusive remixes that draw from Tupac’s “California Love,” Chris Brown’s “Look at me Now” and Belle Epoque’s “Miss Broadway,” to name a few. Sample the mix below.

The pricing is quite clever as well. To purchase Mad Legit, you pay $3.00 “plus the retail cost of the 14 copyrighted tracks needed to recreate the Diplo DJ set and its 9 remixes.” What’s even more fancy is that Legitmix will search your hard drive for the copyrighted source tracks and only charge you for ones you don’t already have.

Legitmix cites a very simple goal: “deliver on the promise of copyright: to encourage artistic freedom while protecting a creator’s right to profit from their work.” You can learn more about the company’s story by viewing their video.

Purchase Mad Legit on Legitmix

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