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Giant Step Presents DJ Heather

Monday, August 10
Hudson Hotel, New York NY
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Giant Step's biweekly DJ series at Hudson Hotel presents DJ Heather on Monday, August 10.

Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, Chicagoan DJ Heather is one of the Windy City's main DJ exports with 15 years of experience behind her. She is an artist who defies conformity, defines quality and continues to nurture her solid skills for soul music of the technological generation.

Originally known in the Chicago dance community as a hip hop DJ, DJ Heather shifted in the material she played during the 90's. "It was never a intentional choice to spin house music instead of hip hop. The demand simply seemed to intensify after each gig. Let me know that people were liking my methodology for house as well." Over time she moved on to specialize in house and maintains a soulful head-bobbing approach. Heather's track selection sends a nod of respect to the forbearers of Chicago's signature sound. "Many things influence me, more than one sound." She fuses disco, classic house and techno.

Heather's released mix compilations for the Afterhours label and the much heralded Fabric CD series, for the club of the same name. She won the first ever Dancestar award for Breakthrough DJ in 2002 and now runs her own house label Blackcherry Recordings.

As New York City's premier Monday night event for the last two years, the Hudson has consistently seen a curated roster of DJ legends and pioneering artists as wide-ranging as Louie Vega, Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzanova, Bobbito and Danny Krivit, playing styles from soulful house, Latin, hip hop, jazz, funk and more. Mark your calendars for quality music and dancing at Hudson.

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Hudson Hotel
356 W 58th St. New York NY, 10019
PH: 212-554-6217
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