Res Inexplicata Volans

CD Released On: Feb 21, 2006
Released By: Ziriguiboom

release description

After producing albums by artists such as Otto and Cibelle, playing with Nacao Zumbi, Seu Jorge and hip hop band Planet Hemp (alongside Marcelo D2), Apollo Nove (sometimes also known as "Apollo 9") has now come up with a wonderful and fascinating debut album, entitled 'Res Inexplicata Volans,' consisting of twelve melodious, deep, moody songs that hover somewhere between psychedelic rock, eerie electronica and spaced-out folk.

To add various shades to his songscapes, Apollo has called upon several players, including three veteran musicians: guitarist Lanny Gordin (who played on many vintage Tropicalia albums), drummer João Parahyba (of Trio Mocotó and Suba fame) and Hammond organ player Juarez Santana (the organ player on the Brazilian Black records from the '70s), who give the album a definite, organic band feel, and who will also form the backbone of the Apollo Nove live group. Guest appearances by distinguished young singers such as Cibelle, Seu Jorge, Tita Lima (the daughter of Mutantes bass player Liminha), Holly (an expat American, the daughter of a preacher man), Fred 04 (the leader of Mangue Beat band Mundo Livre S/A) and upcoming young vocalist Céu complement Apollo's own distinctive vocals. Last but not least, the album was recorded in São Paulo by Apollo (in his own Ludwig Van studio), and beautifully mixed in Paris by a kindred spirit : Air sound engineer Yann Arnaud.