Intergalactic Soul

CD Released On: Jun 27, 2006
Released By: Sony / Columbia

release description

DJ culture has been a dominant pop culture phenomenon during the past fifteen years but all too frequently the biggest names have been noted for doing just one thing well. DJ Spinna, a celebrated DJ/re-mixer/producer who is widely regarded as the best "underground" deejay in America, stands out from the pack due to his exceptional musical sense but also due to his versatility. Unlike those who work within a single genre such as house, techno or hip hop, a set from DJ Spinna may incorporate hip-hop, funk, jazz, break-beat, house, garage and reggae in an organic mix that is more than the sum of its parts. No wonder such diverse artists as Michael Jackson, De La Soul, Das EFX, Zero 7, Soulive, Mos Def, Shaun Escoffrey, George Michael, Mary J. Blige, Shirley Bassey and numerous others have utilized DJ Spinna as producer or re-mixer.

'Intergalactic Soul' is an original album of new material featuring a stellar lineup of vocalists and rappers including N'Dea Davenport, Stephanie McKay, Phonte of Little Brother, Lizz Fields, Eric Roberson, Tortured Soul and more. "The general idea for Intergalactic Soul," DJ Spinna explains, "was to construct a full-length album fusing hip-hop and dance beats with electric synthy overtones. I wanted to create something that sonically fuses the past with the future. What sets it apart from my other releases is the growth in production. Most of my past releases focused more on the hip hop side and were more sample-based. I wanted to take the hip hop element and enhance it with great musicianship and songwriting."

Indeed Intergalactic Soul is a deft synthesis of soul, hip-hop, funk and dance music that creates a seamless, beguiling listening experience from beginning to end. Often using a synth-driven Eighties-style production sensibility, at times tracks on "Intergalactic Soul" channel Prince's funky eclecticism.  Indeed one track features a live string quartet, scored by a Detroit musician, Piranahead.  A distinct jazz sensibility informs the vocals of N'Dea Davenport, Lizz Fields, Eric Roberson and Stephanie McKay.