Percussion Maddness

CD Released On: May 16, 2006
Released By: Vega Records

release description

Luisito continues on his musical journey with a new debut album produced by Louie Vega entitled, 'Percussion Maddness.' On this album Luisito recreates hits from the late great Tito Puente and Fela Kuti. "Four Beat Mambo" originally by Tito Puente is innovatively done with a guest appearance from Hilton Ruiz playing piano. This classic keeps your body moving and toes tapping with a new twist added to it. "Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo," initially by Fela Kuti is reconstructed with Francis Mbappe playing guitar and lead vocals on this amazing African track. On the album there are some original cuts that will become your favorites. Luisito worked with the multitalented Blaze on "Love Remains the Same" with lyrics by Blaze. This track will give you the feel of an old Stevie Wonder recording with the musical elements and strong harmonies that come through the vocalist passionate story in a classic Blaze style. "Tumbao" is an afro Cuban driven by Luisito on timbale drums complimented along side Nestor Torres, Anané and Josh Milan of Blaze. This album shows the artistic side of a percussionist at his finest. Musical contributors on this project are flutists Nestor Torres, Hilton Ruiz, Milton Cardona, Jose Mangual, Brian Lynch, Francis Mbappe, Selan, Aquiles Baez and John Benitez just to name a few.

This album will make all audiences take notice of Luisito Quintero's unbelievable talents as he displays his imaginative creativity throughout this project. This collection contains funky rhythms and body moving vibes which makes this CD an essential for any music lover's collection. Enjoy the bliss of 'Percussion Maddness.'