First Take Sessions

CD Released On: May 10, 2006
Released By: Independent

release description

Eduardo has undergone the creation of EVA entirely on his own. He's responsible for all the design, production, performance, and writing of the material on 'First Take Sessions.' It is worthy to note that the title for the album comes from his use of vocal takes throughout the recording process. Eduardo rarely found any other vocal take than the first to be truly sincere when performed. He believes improvisation can be a tunnel to one's deepest longing. He always felt that the first take captured the essence of the melody and the lyrics, and so, every song's first take made the final product.

This methodology defines the nature of this album. Eduardo sought out the core of his ideas. Sincere and genuine are words that best describe the 'First Take Sessions.' Eduardo's sole purpose in recording was to express his thoughts through a medium he understands well, music. This album is a product of countless days of playing and dwelling in a place he likes to explore, his soul.


Besos (Quick Time)