Buzzin' Fly Volume 3

CD Released On: Jul 11, 2006
Released By: Buzzin' Fly Records

release description

Half of multi-million selling duo Everything But The Girl, and with a career spanning more than twenty-five years, Ben Watt's recent route to international DJ status came after his and partner Tracey Thorn's superb interpretations of electronica in the mid-90s ("Walking Wounded," "Protection" with Massive Attack, "Temperamental"). Ben's three year old acclaimed underground house and electronica label, Buzzin' Fly Records is now one of the UK's leading imprints. It is home to Watt's own club productions and mix compilations and a hotbed for some of the most promising young international talent around. And of course, it throws roadblocked parties around the globe. Almost all of Buzzin' Fly's successes have come from young first-time producers and debutants and many of them are presented here on Watt's third journey through the label's moods and grooves.

Beautifully paced, with a superb gear-shift midway, spatial atmospheres and a moving still-water ending, the mixing is always musical, propulsive and seamless; key blends, long cross-mixes, filter sweeps, beat-matched delays and subtle mood changes all pepper and propel the journey. Highlights include the blissed-out electro of Kayot (re-worked by Manoo and Francois Aymonier), Darkmountaingroup's acid-soul floor-buster "Lose Control" and Ben Watt's own "Attack Attack Attack." There is also the spoken word extracts from his longrunning "Outspoken" project (here read by Philadelphia MC Baby Blak, Idaho's Jennifer Valone and Brixton poet, Malika Booker), which add original moments of great pathos to the cool thrust and drive of the contemporary club tracks. It is an evocative original style - part artist-album, part mix album - whose origins go back to Volume 2. Instead of the usual pumping basslines over and over, Watt tells a story through his selections, even including spoken word segments that introduce characters and give a cohesive feel to the set as it unfolds musically. It's hard to distinguish one mix CD apart from the rest these days but with Buzzin' Fly Volume 3, Ben Watt proves over and over that he is a name to trust.



"Everything But The Girl mastermind Ben Watt hasn't slept a minute in the last decade and this collection is a great indicator of what he has been up to." — XLR8R