O Qui Ser Vai (What's It Gonna Be)

12" Released On: Aug 22, 2006
Released By: You Entertainment

release description

Featured on this double 12-inch is "O Qui Ser Vai" (What's It Gonna Be), recorded for You Global Entertainment's Soul Of Brasil release, sure to hook music lovers even before they realize the track's Portuguese lyrics. Edmon effortlessly moves through Brian McKnight's classic with the aid of spoken word artist Nichelle Holiday. This double 12-inch promo receives the full monty with treatments from the seminal production duo Blaze, whose mix on "Urban Jungle" blazed through the clubs. Also featured here is West End artist Anderson Soares serving up two mixes from south of the border in Sao Paulo. Topping things off with the original mix, this double 12-inch promo has just about everything you need to keep things hot this summer.