The Art Of Business

CD Released On: Oct 24, 2006
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Ever find yourself walking down the street and hear rumblings from afar? The sound gets closer. It's coming from a car that drives by you, windows down, music blasting. They are playing a hip-hop song that is currently topping the charts, a song that is considered "The new Hot Sh*t!." This is the music we are "supposed" to like. You shake your head in disgust and think to yourself "What the hell are they playing?" Where did the soul go? The message? The melodies? You're grown up now. How are you supposed to relate to this kind of music? You might possibly own your own home. You might have wife and kids to go along with your day job and mortgage payments or you just might be plain and simple, mature. But you grew up loving hip-hop. You're not about to give up on it now. You are basically forced to like what is on the radio because there is no other choice. Finally there is an answer to this problem that has been going on for far too long. The answer is "The Good People."

The Saint (Producer) and Emskee (Emcee) team up to bring you quality hip-hop that the older generation of hip-hop listeners can enjoy and the younger generation can listen to as a new option of music. This is a new form of the hip-hop that you fell in love with while growing up, performed by two true hip-hop aficionados.


9/16 - North Six Brooklyn, NY



"The Good People are that lost soul of Hip Hop. they bring you a flavor of when it was OK to just be in Hip Hop and be selling something in Hip Hop. I love listening to their music. It is grown folK Hip Hop for all ages." — MC Serch