Worldwide Funk / DJ Maxi Single

CD-Single Released On: Oct 17, 2006
Released By: Golden Beams

release description

With 50 years of drumming, several eclectic collaborations and one electronic release behind him, innovative jazz drummer Jack DeJohnette introduces the 'Worldwide Funk - DJ Maxi Single,' a four-track EP led by a brand new DJ Logic remix. Featuring four uniquely different interpretations of a single track, The Ripple Effect's "Worldwide Funk," this maxi single is a continuation of what DeJohnette has been accomplishing for a half-century: inspiring and creating music without boundaries.

Blending shades of African jazz, hip-hop and dance music into DeJohnette's already groove-heavy rhythmic patterns, 'Worldwide Funk - DJ Maxi Single' tracks the evolution of "Worldwide Funk" from a world/jazz collaboration with Gambian kora master Foday Musa Suso, to a hip-hop infused remix by the legendary DJ Logic, complete with turntable scratches and a rap by underground hip-hop artist Beans. Logic's remix proves why the ever-relevant DJ "is widely credited for helping to bring jazz into hip-hop's sphere of influence" (David Peter Wesolowski, All Music Guide). The original track (which first appeared on DeJohnette's and Suso's Music from the Hearts of the Masters in 2005) and the DJ Logic remix.

Also included on the maxi is a new "Club Mix" made by Ben Surman, DeJohnette's partner in The Ripple Effect, and the original "Worldwide Funk" remix which first appeared on 'Hybrids' (2005), the group's groundbreaking electro/world/jazz debut. Surman's remixes are two excellent examples of his forward-thinking perspective of DeJohnette's work, whom he has known since birth (Ben is the son of longtime DeJohnette collaborator John Surman). By adding dub-heavy bass lines and speeded up drumbeats, Ben's remixes span generations of sound.