Themes for the Ordinarily Strange

CD Released On: Sep 26, 2006
Released By: Sarathan Records

release description

You need Airpushers. From the name alone you know this group is pushing something so elemental, you can't live without it. What they're pushing is their essential debut 'Themes for the Ordinarily Strange,' a landmark album that invites every genre to the party: hip-hop, jazz, swing, reggae and funk.

'Themes for the Ordinarily Strange' is a rare hybrid of an album, combining a select group of guest vocalists along with searing instrumental tracks. Next-comer MoZella's hauntingly angelic voice tussles between spoken word and song on "Music Fight." "Hold the Onions" bridges the classic stylings of legendary Motown machine songwriter Lamont Dozier with an impulsive beatscape. "Superfriends" pairs one of Printz's "favorite artists of all time," soul singer Sy Smith, over heroic horns. The rousing "Push That Air" is all balls and bounce.

On the instrumentals, Tim and Printz let the music speak for itself. On "Pollo Masala Disco Express" the opening flurry of clarinets and horns are as tasty as the track itself; go ahead...take a bite. "Who Goes to Hooters on Easter" is as naughty and sanctified as it sounds. On "Birds of Terror," a breathy, but adhesive voice warns you to "be extra careful," but the eerie, ethereal soundscape subversively pulls you deeper into its laidback layers.

At the close of the album, you're almost exhausted by Tim and Printz's resourcefulness. To craft their canvas of moods, Airpushers use any and all instruments at their disposal - baritone saxophones, flutes, clarinets, electric guitar and even the didgeridoo. They describe the songs has having "anthem vibes," and there's one for every disposition. With every mood represented, from the frenetic to the sedate, Airpushers make each track starkly different but entirely relatable. "I think it is a very common thing for ordinary people to have their own theme songs in their heads," Tim says.

In a time when people wonder where is the love in today's music, for Airpushers, 'Themes for the Ordinarily Strange' is a project of pure passion. Love takes time, so this opus is the result of over two years of caressing sounds and romancing rhythms. Printz says, "Most of these songs were pieced together from hotel rooms to home studios to the first hours of a major session when everyone was late, you name it." "We have become masters of guerilla commando recording," Tim laughs.

Themes for the Ordinarily Strange has the eloquence you only hear when musical soul mates collaborate. Tim remarks, "From the day Printz and I met, we had some spooky unspoken bond as musicians and friends."