Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba

CD Released On: Nov 14, 2006
Released By: Hip-O Records/Universal Music Enterprises

release description

Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba' is a collaborative album that fuses Cuba's beloved The Buena Vista Social Club and some of today's biggest artists such as U2, Coldplay, Sting, Radiohead as well as some of the buzziest bands, including The Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and The Kaiser Chiefs. 'Rhythms Del Mundo' also includes music by famed Cuban singers Omara Portuondo and the last vocal recording of Afro-Cuban bolero singer, Ibrahim Ferrer. The project, which is being launched simultaneously in 57 countries around the world in mid-November, is in aid of Artists Project Earth (APE), which lends support for natural disaster relief and climate change awareness

While the majority of the vocals remain the same on the tracks featured here, The Buena Vista Social Club take the original orchestration from each song and create something utterly unique casting their trademark mastery over each song. After obtaining permission from the various bands to modify their material, the Cuban collective (under the guidance of arranger Demitrio Muniz) created brand new backing tracks for the original vocals of songs like "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," "High And Dry" and "Clocks." Omara Portuondo performs a killer cover of "Killing Me Softly," and duets with the late Ibrahim Ferrer on "Casablanca." The project emerged after the devastating Tsunami of 2004 struck and other environmental disasters followed, like the Asian earthquakes and Hurricane Katrina. All these artists featured here show their support by taking part in the project. You, too, can support the cause by getting a copy, which comes with an album artwork made of carbon neutral materials, a 20-page booklet about the project and includes a list of ten things you can do about climate change.



"An album made with such integrity and passion that turns out as entertaining as this is hard to resist!" — The Independent