Electric Souls Soundsystem w/ The Unabombers (11.14.06)

12" Released On: Nov 14, 2006
Released By: Lil' Minx Productions

release description

Part 1
1. Lloyd Ryan "Discovery" (Vinyl Revival)
2. Solaa "Keep On" (Steps In Time LP) (Sugarlicks)
3. Alice Smith "Woodstock" (For Lovers, Dreamer & Me LP) (BBE)

Part 2
4. Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire Ft. Linn "Pushing On" (Soul Search LP) (Tru Thoughts)
5. Radio Citizen "Everything" (Berlin Serengetti LP) (Ubiquity)
6. Outlines "Listen To The Drums" (Sonar Kollektiv)

Part 3
7. Gecko Turner "Afro Beatnik" (Seiji Remix 2) (Lovemonk)
8. Robert Owens Vs Rob Mello "The Energy (Goes Round & Round)" (No Ears Vocal Mix) (Disco 45)
9. Quannon "Karasu" (Instrumental) (Drumpoet Community)

Part 4
10. Son Of Dave "Low Rider" (Kartel)
11. The Brand New Heavies "I Don't Know Why (I Love You)" (4Hero's Electric Soul Remix) (Delicious)
12. Raul Midon "State Of Mind" (Ron Basejam's Rework) (White)

Part 5
13. Grupo X "Brand New Love" (Irfan Remix) (Still Music)
14. Slow Didi "Follow Me" (Tri-Eight)
15. AB "Drum Thunder Suite" (Diesler Mix) (Rebtuz)

Part 6
16. Virgo Four "Take Me Higher" (Trax)
17. Dubious "Soft Company" (Deep Freeze)
18. Ty "Closer" (Blackbeard Remix) (Big Dada)

Part 7
19. Herbert "Something Isn't Right" (Accidental/!K7)
20. Padlock "Seventh Heaven" (Island)
21. Padlock "Getting Hot" (Island)

Part 8
22. Jimi Tenor meets Kabu Kabu "Sunrise" (Sähkö)
23. Andy Williams "Can't Get Used To Losing You" (?)
24. My Toys Like Me "Sick Couple" (?)

*Show separated into ~15 minute segments (Note: A few seconds of delay is present between segments)