GPWW: 12/03/06 - ESG In Studio, Inverse Cinematics Mixtape And GP's Cinematic Mi

Online Released On: Dec 03, 2006
Released By: Somethin' Else

release description

Cornish Waters - 'Running' (White)

Acoustic Ladyland - 'Cuts And Lies' (V2)

Nas - 'Hip Hop Is Dead' (Def Jam)

Flying Lotus - '1983' (Plug Research)

Zero dB - 'You Know What I'm Sayin'? (Daisake Tanabe Remix)' (Ninjatune)

ESG In The Studio

ESG - 'Moody' (Soul Jazz)

ESG - 'Tiny Sticks' (Soul Jazz)

ESG - 'Dance' (Soul Jazz)

Outlines - 'Listen To The Drums' (Sonar Kollektiv)

Simbad - 'Supersonic Revelation (Marathon Men Remix)' (Raw Fusion)

Cobblestone Jazz - 'The Creator' (It Is What It Is Records)

Worldwide Family Mixtape: Inverse Cinematics

Ok Ma - 'Make Me Cry (D'Nell Beat 14 Mix)' (R2)

Icsaol - 'French Twist' (Pulver)

Diggin' Dipper - 'Grew-In' (Pulver)

Manmadescience - 'Untitled' (Philpot)

Vocal Interlude

Inverse Cinematics - '7 By 7' (Faces Records)

Stan Kenton - 'Artistry In Rhythm' (Bcd)

Circus Feat. Lyric L & Motet - 'I Know U (Inverse Cinematics Remix)' (Sunshine Enterprises)

Aardvaark Feat. Melodee - 'Best Dj' (White)

Arch Typ - 'Do It' (Bagpak/Pulver)

Inverse Cinematics - 'Don't Give Up' (Pulver)

Dante & Dhula - 'Pedro's Tactics' (White)

Gilles Peterson's Cinematic Mix

Michel Gonet - 'Eve Indolente' (Mondiophone)

Toni Esposito - 'Rosso Napoletano' (Rca)

Arif Mardin - 'Forms' (Atlantic)

François Glorieux - 'Sketches For Remo Part 1' (Panasonic)

Marc Hollander - 'Mastoul Alakefak' (Crammed)

Pool Pah - 'Sour Soul' (Green Bottle)

Catharsis - 'Styx' (Sonopresse)

Jay Garbarer - 'Greek Untitled' (Minos)

*Show separated into ~15 minute segments (Note: A few seconds of delay is present between segments)