Luz Interpretations

CD Released On: Jan 23, 2007
Released By: CrystalTop Music

release description

Luz Mob is Luz Fleming, who draws from his upbringing and surroundings in urban San Francisco, Oakland, Brooklyn as well as rural Libre, Colorado to thread together a quilt of disparate styles. Studying under musical heavyweights such as Reggie Workman and Bill Dixon, Luz was influenced not only by improvisation and performance, but also by the hip-hop aesthetic he absorbed growing up in San Francisco's Mission District. This all seeps out in various guises in Luz's music; from his alto and baritone saxophone and bass clarinet constructions, to more dub and hip-hop rooted electronic production. Along with his 9-piece orchestra, he crosses different musical spectrums, infusing them with a healthy smattering of bumping beats.

Mixed by luminary New York engineer and producer Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang Clan, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Prince Paul), Luz Interpretations takes you from J.T. The Bigga Figga to Disney's "Jungle Book" in less than an hour. From cumbia and bachata to dub and reggae to jazz and hip-hop, Luz Interpretations is a tasty stew, flavored correctly with Luz's thick horn arrangements, and varied instruments including Latin percussion from congas to marimba, classic 70s keys, and even accordion. Choice cuts include, "The Selecter," an uptempo ska boiler from the English ska revival band of the same name, "Ella Se Fue," a creative re-imagining of a classic Dominican love ballad featuring mournful muted trumpet work from Kevin Louis and the charming Latin funk workout, "La Subienda." Go ahead, put the record on. Stir and Shake.



THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 10pm-2am


6702 HOLLIS STREET (@67th)


Featuring sets from:

DJ Kool Kyle, DJ Riddim, and Luz Mob



"I listened to this album twenty-two times in a row when I got it. And if you like Caribbean rhythm explorations dubbed the hell out like I do, you may do the same. Get with it." — DJ Monk One (Wax Poetics)