Keep It Unreal (1.26.07)

Online Released On: Jan 27, 2007
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This mix was recorded live at Mr. Scruff's monthly residency "Keep It Unreal" at the Music Box in Manchester on December 2nd 2006. If you like it, check out the website & forum. Cheers! -- Mr. Scruff
1. Logg 'I Know You Will' (Salsoul 12")
2. David Wiliams 'Come On Down Boogie People' (AVI 12")
3. John Davis Orchestra 'Just A Groove' (SAM 12")
4. Eye Beta Rock 'Super Rock Body Shock' (Hero 12")
5. Man Parrish 'Boogie Down Bronx' (Sugarscoop 12")
6. Packman 'I'm The Packman (Instrumental)' (Enjoy 12")
7. B Boys '2,3, Break' (Vintertainment 12")
8. Nico Gomez 'Lupita' (Carina LP)
9. Alan Shelly 'Dance Together' (International 7")
10. El Chicano 'Viva Tirado' (Kapp 7")
11. Ska Bop 'Dance Hall Time' (Next Step 7")
12. The In Crowd 'Back A Yard' (Big Chill LP)
13. Etienne De Crecy 'Hold The Line' (Solid 12")
14. Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom 'Relevee (Carl Craig mix)' (DFA 12")
15. Roy Hargrove "Universe" (Below The Radar 12")
16. USG 'NCAMEU' (Clairaudience 12")
17. Paul Johnson 'After The Storm' (Transparent 12")
18. Gallifre feat. Mondee Oliver 'Don't Walk Out on Love (Frankie Knuckles Mix)' (Gherkin 12")
19. Pleasure 'Spread That Feelin' All Around' (Fantasy LP)
20. Blue Magic 'Welcome to the Club' (Omni 12")
21. Lightnin' Rod 'Sport' (Celluloid 12")
22. Platano Split 'Castil Battle' (Barclay 7")
23. Doc Severinson 'Good Medicine' (RCA LP)
24. Jesse Gould 'Out of Work' (P&P 12")
25. Roy Ayers 'Sweet Tears' (Polydor LP)
26. The Soul Children 'Take Me-Make Me' (EPIC LP)
27. The Four Tops 'You'll Never Find a Better Man' (ABC 12")
28. Unlimited Source 'Nicola Nicola' (Source Music 12")
29. Olli Ahvenlahti 'Grandma's Rocking Chair' (Jazz Puu 12")
30. The Plumstead Radical Club 'One Way' (Impossible Ark 12")
31. Ed Lincoln 'Cochise' (Musidisc LP)

*The mix is separated into ~15 minute segments. (Note: A few seconds of delay is present between segments).