Out Of The Woods

CD Released On: Mar 20, 2007
Released By: Astralwerks

release description

Tracey Thorn is the voice of Everything But The Girl (EBTG) -- a timeless cross-generational voice spanning the gaps of modern pop, folk and electronica. From the time as a best-selling eighties alt-pop band to her re-emergence in the nineties with EBTG's world-trouncing crossover-electronica and seminal guest appearances with Massive Attack, Deep Dish and Tiefschwarz, Thorn has articulated many soundtracks to our modern lives with her simple, direct delivery and lyrics. In 2000, after twenty years of recording and touring, and shortly after the birth of the first of the three children with professional and private life partner Ben Watt, she walked away from music to raise her family. But by 2005 she found herself writing again and recorded a clutch of raw demos and ideas with an old-fashioned 4-track cassette recorder. In contrast to the primitivism of the demos, she then deliberately handpicked some of the most imaginative producers currently working in the world of electronica to help her fully realize the project.

The result is Out Of The Woods, a snapshot of her life that captures moments of late seventies disco, pastoral folk-psychedelica, dance floor pop bliss and stark balladry. Charles Webster and cagedbaby (Tom Gandey) both add their signature production touch to the record, as does Ewan Pearson, a name with a peerless track record in contemporary clubland and remixer-du-jour for Goldfrapp, Pet Shop Boys and The Chemical Brothers. Together they worked on a cover of Arthur Russell's "Get Around To It," with Gabe of The Rapture and a new song called "It's All True," co-written with Metro Area, which is pure early 80s New York dance pop. But the heartbeat to the record is Thorn herself, her voice dipping and climbing into beautiful new vocal ranges or knitting the arrangements together with a plethora of rare musical performances on guitar, piano, Nico-inspired harmonium and Omnichord, and with the exception of the album's one cover version, the rich and sharp lyrics and melodies are all hers. "After years of making records with Ben," says Tracey, "it just seemed time to take a break, and do something fresh." And as you will see for yourself, that is exactly what she has done on this album.