Mission Of Music

EP Released On: Apr 05, 2005
Released By: A Round World

release description

Known for creating music overflowing with positive vibrations, like the ekonting, Gokh-Bi System's music resonates in the face of the violence, sexism, and misogyny prevalent in popular hip-hop. In the title track for their Mission Of Music EP which climbed to #4 on the Global Rhythm Top 10 Charts, Diasse rhymes, "It seems like people forget the mission of music. Let's remember our mission. We have to be responsible for what we say in our songs because so many people are fans of ours." Although the lyrics are simple, the message is powerful. On "Mama Afrika," from the same EP, he rhymes "So many things have happened to you, but we still hope the day is going to come when you will smile again. It's time to see the sun of peace shining on everyone's head in Africa and around the world" and as you listen, you can visualize the resilience that has sustained the spirits of Africans despite war, genocide, poverty, famine, colonization, slavery, and apartheid.