Kindred Spirits Radio Show: (3/8/07) Basket Of Light - Folk Special With DJ Anta

Online Released On: Mar 08, 2007
Released By: Kindred Spirits

release description

1. Kenny Rankin "In The Name Of Love (K.Rankin) [Warner Bros]"
2. Pentangle "Light Flight (Jansch) [Transatlantic]"
3. Best Of Friends "Walking Out On Yesterday (Bingham) [Quartin]"
4. Friends "One Sweet Day [Acme]"
5. Triste Janeiro "In The Garden (K.Bonds) [Jazzman]"
6. Jose Gonzalez "Slow Moves (Gonzalez) [Peacefrog]"
7. Terry Callier "Your Goin Miss Your Candy Man (T.Callier) [Cadet]"
8. Richie Havens "What About Me (Dino Valente) [ Stormey Forest]"
9. Rotary Connection "The Weight (Robertson) [Cadet]"
10. 4 Hero "Morning Child (Cd-R)"
11. The Dells "A Summer Place (Steiner) [Cadet]"
12. Super Imposers "Would It Be Impossible [Sonar Kollektiv]"
13. Waters "Trying Hard To Look Inside (M.Waters) [ Blue Note]"
14. Galt Macdermot "Lost Dreams [Kilmarnock]"
15. Crosby, Stills Nash & Young "Woodenships (Crosby, Stills) [Atlantic]"
16. Gary Marks "Sailing (G.Marks) [Kindred Spirits]"