Aquarian Angel

CD  Released On: Mar 13, 2007
Released By: Naked Music

release description

Originally a production company, Naked Music was formed in 1998 by Jay Denes and his partner, fellow musician Dave Boonshoft. As the signature artist who captured the essence of the label, Blue Six quickly proceeded to capture the attention of the music scene with their underground dance classics "Sweeter Love" and "Music & Wine" rapidly becoming the ubiquitous soundtrack for scores of clubs, restaurants and bars, from New York to London to Paris.

Aquarian Angel is the follow up to Blue Six's full-length Naked Music debut, Beautiful Tomorrow (2004), which was a dazzling collection of tracks that combined dance grooves and R&B vocals with darkly intelligent lyrics. Aquarian Angel takes all the elements that made Beautiful Tomorrow so well loved and evolves into adult dance grooves and R&B-styled vocals that are cross-fertilized with Brazilian beats, ambient backdrops, and elements of jazz. Additionally, the upcoming CD reunites Jay with the three unique voices that helped make Beautiful Tomorrow such a classic: The triumvirate of label mates, Aya, Lisa Shaw and Catherine Russell return to lend their very different vocals styles, three distinct voices that, over the course of the album, combine to create that instantly recognizable Blue Six sound.

Denes spent the time between Beautiful Tomorrow and Aquarian Angel producing solo albums for both Aya and Lisa Shaw. Aya's Strange Flower and Lisa's Cherry garnered rave reviews and continue to get consistent radio-play worldwide. After these two intense collaborations, he was ready to compose the Aquarian song-cycle, writing each piece with a specific vocalist in mind. Musically, he has concocted a hybrid that combines his own expert manipulation of state-of-the-art computer technology with the warmth and unpredictability of live musicianship. As a result, Aquarian Angel breathes with a life of its own as it caresses your body and plays with your mind. "Tropicalia," a lush Afro-Brazilian track that features Lisa Shaw, is the first single off the album. Its infectious percussion-driven rhythms will entice DJ's of all stripes.

"On Aquarian Angel I threw all my musical preconceptions out the window," says Denes. "My only intention was to communicate my thoughts and feelings as they presented themselves to me. I think the end result is more varied and broader in scope than my previous work and will ultimately be as meaningful to my listeners as it has been to me."

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"Jay Denes delivers an emotive masterpiece. Lovely, a perfect disc for your next early-morning chill session." — Paul Dailey, DJ Times