Tuesday Wonderland

CD Released On: Apr 10, 2007
Released By: Emarcy

release description

e.s.t. is short for the Esbjörn Svensson Trio - three talented Swedes who are shaking up the jazz establishment with their unlikely melange of classical, melodic jazz, electronics and energetic rock. Since its formation in 1990, Esbjörn Svensson (piano), Dan Berglund (double bass) and Magnus Öström (drums) have been mesmerizing fans and critics alike. Winning several prestigious awards along the way (including 6 Swedish Grammys and the French award of Victoire du Jazz), the trio has achieved something that is very rare for jazz artists - they went gold and/or platinum in countries such as Germany, Sweden and France. The media has been equally enthralled with the trio as proof of their constant presence on MTV in Scandinavia.

Tuesday Wonderland marks the trio's tenth album, where they continue to break down barriers and make their own rules. The album's spiritual journey kicks off with the trippy track "Fading Maid Peludium" which suprisingly ends the album as well allowing it to come full circle. Beginnig with a slow, reflective melody, the piece then throws the listener off by thrusting into a loud, chaotic, electrified arrangement. The upbeat "Goldwrap" showcases Svensson's rich piano playing, while the title track "Tuesday Wonderland" and "Brewery of Beggars" are built upon Öström's amazing drum technique with the piano and Berglund's bass that follows in perfect harmony. Open-minded artists like e.s.t. bring a fresh spin on jazz that not only turns the genre upside down, but also breathes new life into this classic form. No wonder then, that world-renowned jazz magazine Downbeat gave e.s.t. the honor of being the first European jazz outfit ever to grace the cover of their magazine. Tuesday Wonderland is the next chapter in the ever-evolving e.s.t. narrative.



"One of the most talked about groups currently on the European circuit." — The New York Times

"* * * *" — DownBeat