CD Released On: Apr 03, 2007
Released By: Six Degrees

release description

Just when you thought that Brazil must surely have exhausted its supply of irresistibly jazzy, funky, sexy, soulful electro-pop singer-songwriters, CéU (pronounced Say-Ew) comes along and makes you think that maybe that particular well is bottomless after all. CéU's self-titled US debut comes hot on the heels of a Latin Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist of 2006." She is also riding high on a wave of international success in Brazil, Holland, Italy, Canada, and France.

CéU's stateside release opens enticingly with "Vinheta Quebrante," a brief introductory track that builds itself up in delicate rhythmic layers. With "Lenda," CéU stakes out her musical territory more assertively. Anchored by the juxtaposition of a subtle melody and a lazy funk groove, ornamented with a gracefully understated turntable scratch, the song exudes hints of reggae with dub lurking in the background. "Malemolnêcia," a more explicitly reggae-flavored song, is featured in the soundtrack to "Cidade dos Homens," the television adaptation of the celebrated film City of God. The album's most surprising track is her cover version of Bob Marley's archetypal sufferer's anthem "Concrete Jungle." Samba, reggae, dub, electronica, love, heartbreak, chaos and sweet, sweet tunefulness - sounds like the perfect recipe for an irresistible album by a thrilling new talent. And so it is.



"The serious sultry CéU may be the latest chanteuse with a weakness for subtle electronic beats to emerge from Brazil, but she sounds completely different from established electro-bossa divas Bebel Gilberto or Rosalia de Souza ...simmering, funky beats with touches of ambient and dub. ****" — NY Post

"Brazilian funk singer CéU traverses the rich musical terrain of her country while updating it with hip-hop and electronic touches." — Billboard

"CéU segues easily from pop to reggae to dub in velvet, jazz-accented vocals." — Newsweek

"CéU's eponymous debut recording heralds the beginnings of what should be a long and fruitful career." — Global Rhythm