Manifest Tone Vol 1

CD Released On: Mar 06, 2007
Released By: Kindred Spirits

release description

Chico Mann is the brainchild of Antibalas' guitarist, Marquitos Garcia. Armed with his childhood Casio keyboards, he recorded "Manifest Tone Vol. 1" during the band's down-time. The project, which began as an experiment in spontaneous composition, proved to be a true glimpse into the essence of Garcia's musical passions. The music recalls the images of Marquitos' early years, spending time at the office of his father's Latin record label in NYC's Hell's Kitchen.

The fresh electro-afrofunk cuts made their way into the hands of Rich Medina artist, producer and DJ and promoter of the now classic Afrobeat party Jump in Funk in NYC, who quickly alerted his Kindred Spirits cohorts in Amsterdam to sign it to the label.

Syncopated bass and guitars simmering, keyboard melodies bubbling over, and Marquitos' harmony-laden vocals, create a sonic sofrito. Pungent Latin aromas waft throughout the music in the rhythms and the choruses. Known as "sabrosura," it is the effect that urges your body to boogie and makes you sing along.

Chico Mann live consists of Marquitos (beats, guitar, keys, vocals) and musical cohorts Jeremy Wilms (bass, keys, vocals), Elenna Canlas (keys, synth, vocals), Dylan Fusillo (drums, vocals), and Nikhil Yerawadekar (guitar, vocals) . The group captures the spirit of the recordings, true to its conception. Live electro-afrobeat is a "brand, new thang!"

As the worldwide afrobeat movement gains momentum and a greater audience, Chico Mann is poised take it's place as the darling of afrobeat through it's fresh take on the genre pioneered by Fela Kuti. Lovers of all dance musics are sure to dig Chico Mann and the band.

A stand-out album displaying the crossover between Afrobeat and electronics without missing a beat! A record for the whole family to enjoy.



"Destined for repeat play...retro-future world funk, deliciously low-fi, and just waiting to blow your circuits on a live tip." — Straight No Chaser

"Nine tracks of blissed out, engrossing, chilled electro funk" — Dazed and Confused

"The electro-afrobeat groove stays in your head for hours ...keep your eye on Chico cause he is the Mann !" — Jazz

"5/5 Monster record without a doubt ! ... like listening to pirate short wave radio in Nigeria ... raw funk that sparks all 9 tunes." — DJ Broadcast