Version DJ Promo

12"  Released On: Jan 01, 1970
Released By: RCA

release description

After his cover of Radiohead's "Just" blew up worldwide, Mark Ronson (producer for Lily Allen, Christina Aguilera, Ghostface Killah and Amy Winehouse, among others) injected his signature funk into a killer selection of contemporary hits in compiling his star-studded cover album Version. This early preview 12-inch offers a generous taste of what's to come...

Somehow, in the midst of producing some of the most defining sounds of 2006 and 2007 the ubiquitous DJ, producer, solo artist, bandleader, and label boss Mark Ronson was able to conceive, curate, create, record and compile Version. Inspired by the masterwork albums of the 60s by Quincy Jones and Herb Alpert embodying their musical favorites of their times as they heard them, Mark Ronson took to the studio with an army of friends and guest stars to re-explore some of his favorite modern classics. Covering tracks from artists as diverse as The Smiths, Coldplay, Britney Spears, Radiohead, and Ryan Adams, he not only showcases his love of hip-hop beats and British alternative rock, but also the soul, funk, psychedelia, pop and disco that his record collection spans. Fusing funky breaks and a 70's Motown/Stax production sensibility into each song, Mark Ronson re-writes the rulebook on cover versions.

This 12-inch features four of the best versions from the album. The Smiths' "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" is reworked as a lush, soulful orchestral R&B track with help from newcomer Daniel Merriweather, who is signed to Mark's label Allido (look out for his debut dropping later this year in the States on J Records). "Valerie," the recent UK chart success by The Zutons, is ambitiously transformed into a big-beat banger with the unstoppable Amy Winehouse on vocals. Ryan Adam's heartbreaking acoustic love song "Amy" is beautifully reinvented as Sgt. Pepper-era psychedelia featuring vocals by Kenna. And last but not least, the original composition "Inversion" shows that Mark Ronson's musical talent extends far beyond the limits of most DJs and producers. A healthy dose of what to expect from the album, this 12-inch proves that Version is quite easily the most fun you're likely to have this summer.