Little Voice

CD Released On: Jul 03, 2007
Released By: Epic Records

release description

When the phenomenally talented singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles was asked to write an autobiography about herself, her first thought was "I'm just not that fancy." Yet in reality her statement may have been the furthest thing from the truth. Described as "insanely great" and "one of the year's most promising artists," Sara has simply stunned new listeners as well as those already familiar to her unique and inspiring sound. Writing songs "since as long as I can remember," Sara Bareilles explains, "songwriting is the most sacred thing in my life. It's how I process my world. For now, it's usually me and my piano (that I rent because I don't have one), my lousy grammar, and some emotion that makes me feel like I'm bursting at the seams." Although new to the industry, Sara clearly has had the nack for singing and writing songs since birth. Her debut album Little Voice gives us a clear glimpse of her natural talent.

Little Voice is Sara's first major album. "It's a collection of songs that pretty much mean the world to me. They chronicle my life, my relationships, my basket-case-ness, and my utter devotion to trying to write honest stuff down and share it. That's where the title comes from," explains Sara. What kind of music is it? Sara exhibits Norah Jones' subtlety and Fiona Apple's fierce lyrical prowess, however Sara also has an affinity for the playful and intelligent-pop of people like Elton John and Ben Folds. And although she don't necessarily write like them, Radiohead, The Police and Bjork were all her musical inspirations. She also cites Ben Gibbard, Etta James, Sam Cooke, Counting Crows and Bob Marley, who "created music that makes me want to be a better human being." Whether banging away at the driving "Love Song," turning slinky for "Bottle It Up" or getting contemplative on the gently orchestrated "City," Bareilles' writing voice is truly very far from "little." Already turning eyes and ears of loyal fans and esteemed critics, dont be surprised if Little Voice hits you in a big way. Be sure to catch Sara on on the Rhapsody ad that has been on TV practically nonstop!

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" impressive opening performance by newcomer and vocal powerhouse Sara Bareilles." — Philadelphia Inquirer

"The control in her voice helps her perform her music in a very intimate but powerful way. Sara has a bluesy vocal sound with pop-influenced songwriting which reminded us of newcomers KT Tunstall and Corinne Bailey Rae." —

"Sara Bareilles's 'Love on the Rocks' is a piece of pop so addictive that it will almost certainly land you in musical rehab." — Leah Weathersby,