War Songs and the Muse

CD Released On: Apr 17, 2007
Released By: Exotic Recordings

release description

A bilingual, multi-instrumentalist, creative force of nature, jar-e's sound celebrates the spontaneity of a muse that has led him across the world.

Proficient on upright bass, trumpet, piano, and guitar, jar-e's world-influenced bilingual songs got their start in a five piece jazz-hip-hop outfit named ooloo orchestra. As the band became a fixture of the eclectic Asheville, North Carolina scene, Jar-e formed North of Cuba (NOC) and was introduced to Connecticut-based label, Exotic Recordings. Inspired by his travels throughout Europe, creating and absorbing music from Spain to Greece, he released his debut album Heartache in 2004, a journey through the blues in all its self-taught, self-recorded glory.

After spending two years on the road with friend and label-mate J. DiMenna, jar-e began working with Exotic in-house producer Keith "Touch" Saunders on a follow-up album.

The result of nearly a year of constant work, War Songs and the Muse is the perfect metamorphosis of his diverse influences -- everyone from Manu Chao and Joao Gilberto to Van Morrison and Stevie Wonder -- into his own sound, which travels from classic ballads reminiscent of Elton John to the forward sounds and sampling of Gnarls Barkley.