Slow Motion Addict REMIXES

Digital Released On: Jun 21, 2007
Released By: Interscope

release description

To satisfy Carina's desire to keep people moving, this digital DJ promo brings you a selection of energetic, dancefloor-ready remixes of her new music. The contemplative, bittersweet love song "January Heart" is transformed into a prime-time club banger by Buffalo Bill. Hard house beats and synth stabs turn out to be a perfect complement to Carina's powerful, yet subtle vocals. The lead single from the album, "Come To You", is given a progressive touch by remixer David Garcia, while the ominous "Stolen Car" is filtered through a drum-machine-heavy, 80's lense by Dave Stewart & Ned Douglas. And taking on the album's beautiful title track "Slow Motion Addict," Carina's guitarist Tom Livemore infuses a healthy dose of electro-house energy into his remix. With these four diverse and moving remixes to get hooked on, this digital DJ promo will surely have you fiending for more.