Electric Vibes Remixes

12" Released On: Jan 01, 1970
Released By: Narada Jazz

release description

This 12-inch highlights the standout track on Supercharged, "Electric Vibes," on which DTTB fulfill their lifetime dream of collaborating with legendary vibraphonist Roy Ayers. This thick, orchestral jam jumps with a dangerously funky slap-bassline and a hard 4/4 drum break, while Ayers' unique smokey sound and soothing scat vocals play contrast to blasting horn arrangements and furious percussion. Luminary DJ Spinna's infectious remix preserves the soulful vibes of the original, yet molds the song into a mix-friendly House banger perfect for those feel-good moments in the club. Meanwhile, newcomer Harry Coade injects pounding broken-beat petrol into his remix, pushing the pedal hard to the floor. And also included in this digital DJ promo is an incredibly raw Speedometer mix of "Funkin' Around," filled with neck-jerking breaks and classic 70's funk flavor. With four killer tracks to keep things moving, this supercharged DJ promo is professionally tuned to push any set into high-gear.