re-imagination REMIXES

Digital Released On: Jul 10, 2007
Released By: Sony/BMG Masterworks

release description

Jazz piano virtuoso Eldar is re-imagined through unique remixes from notable producers Nicolay and Keith Shocklee.

Jazz pianist Eldar documents his transition from youthful prodigy to creative artist with the release of re-imagination. Born and raised in Russia, Eldar's mother nurtured his burgeoning talent and he soon became a student of the classical Russian School of Music where he refined his technique. However, it was when his father introduced him to jazz legends Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock that he "fell in love with jazz for life." From the age of nine, Eldar's awards and accolades accumulated and peaked with a performance at the Grammy Awards in 2000 and a first place recipient award in the Peter Nero Piano Competition. His previous album, 2006's Live At The Blue Note, cemented Eldar as one of the most formidable jazz musicians of his generation. On re-imagination, Eldar explores in-depth compositions by reflecting on the people, places and events in his life. He conceived the project as a pseudo-suite, weaving together nine originals and two standards into an autobiographical narrative arc. With re-imagination, Eldar finally manages to get the range, virtuosity and fun of his renowned live shows onto an album. To top it all, master turntablist DJ Logic brings a unique, distinctive edge and texture to the music seldom found on jazz records.

This digital DJ promo features remixes of two of the highlight tracks from the album. Foreign Exchange's Nicolay infuses a powerful dose of House energy into "Prairie Village," a song which Eldar says recalls the time he spent in his first American hometown, a suburb of Kansas City. Eldar's textured and moody piano playing is blended effortlessly with a heavy 4/4 dance beat for an truly unique exploration into jazzy House. And Public Enemy's Keith Shocklee (brother of Hank Shocklee), flips the heady composition "Polaris" into a downtempo whirlwind of polyrhythms and bottom-heavy bass. Eldar's mind-blowing, virtuosic playing is excentuated by Keith's steady break-beat and masterful mixing. Also bringing you the powerful original versions of each song, this digital DJ promo will be awakening your imagination in no time.