Do You Know?

7" Released On: May 22, 2001
Released By: Giant Step Records

release description


JUNE 16-29 2001

Nu and old school soul fans alike need to discover this young single who|s positively echoing with the same kind of soulfulness as one of his old musical heroes, Donnie Hathaway. Guess he was named after the late soul icon. Donnie|s fine vocals over summery sounds v with a tint of Latiny vibes and a live musicality which is driven by a double bass and percussion v is currently promoed on a seven inch worth hunting. A real charmer!


JULY 2001

Boy, this label is high rollin| at present; its output is black music of the highest quality. This young man has an incredible presence and retains the old school charm of his learned peers like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. This wonderful song is so full of life and is destined to be a modern classic.


JULY 2001

Some great soul music coming this summer. And first you got to hear Donnie. Not to be mistaken for Don-E from London and even Frank McComb from Cleveland, Donnie hails from Atlanta and is another of those guys who sounds a heck of a lot like Mr. Hathaway when he has a mind v but there|s more to it than that. As you|ll discover for yourself on his debut single for New York|s Giant Step Records, Do You Know, a superb, summery latin-soul number produced by the ever-excellent Steve Harvey out at Scotland Yard Studios in Los Angeles. The pair have been working on an entire album together, the results of which we|ll get to hear this Autumn. Sounds like Steve|s usual crew are in there playing on it too, so it ought to be magnificent. Find this tune, play it, love it.


JUNE 12-25 2001

It|s only three months since I reviewed his last single "Holiday" which was a bit of a garage goodie, but the latest release on Giant Step, intriguingly on 7" format, is a song that might be familiar to you if you followed the recommendation in this column exactly two years ago when his debut CD single appeared on Atlanta|s Earthseed Music, and contained a live version of "Do You Know: I Can|t Be Sweatin| You". With a slightly trimmed title, and two studio mixes, this groovy mid-tempo chugger sounds even fresher than before, and further proof that Lexington born Donnie, who sounds like a cross between Donny and Stevie, has more than one string to his bow.