A Taste Of Mellow Dramas

EP Released On: Aug 28, 2007
Released By: Poets Club Records

release description

Washington-based poet/lyricist/musician JEN has managed to craft poetry that can be described as "Beat poets with beats." This fusion of poetry-meets-electronica came about one day while JEN was listening to a compilation tape. The ever-inspired JEN decided to experiment by reading some of her poetry over the beats of the music. Together with the tunes and grooves, her poetry became something even greater and clearer than they had ever been as plain words on a page. With a little help from German DJ George Solar, JEN's simple experiment brought her international acclaim with the track "Inside Out." Now almost a year later, JEN is giving us A Taste Of Mellow Dramas, a precursor to her full-length album Mellow Dramas, that is hypnotic from beginning to end, offering seductive twilight music, electrified folk and detached jazz numbers of unquestionable beauty.

A Taste of Mellow Dramas is at once intimate; at the same time it cries out to be shared with the whole world. It features production by some of Europe's finest producers including Kieser.Velten (who releases his work through Kruder & Dorfmeister's G-Stone label), CAN7 (Peppermint Jam Rec. / remixer for Mousse T., Bootsy Collins, Moloko) and Sunshine Enterprises' Busy People. Cologne based downtempo experts Solar Moon tweak JEN's smooth words into a dubby twilight world with relaxed rhythms and soothing keys on the dreamy opening track "Asleep." On "Together," Kieser.Velten uses tight rhythms to turn love into a truly soulful affair. With hints of Sweetback, Ursula Rucker and the spoken word of Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly compilations, A Taste Of Mellow Dramas introduces JEN to the world and shows that the deepest thoughts on love is there for us to share.