Day Into Night

CD Released On: Jun 10, 2007
Released By: Solunari Music

release description

Following Sun & Moon, Day Into Night is the band's greatest set to date, a sonic journey through the bright energy and grooves of the 80's, traveling into the lush nocturnal warmth of 60's instrumentation. Intentionally skirting the typical broken beat sound and European stylings, Jiva remains very firmly grounded in the organic modes of the Atlanta scene. Produced and arranged by Khari Simmons, it features the summery single "Better2gether," the title track "Day Into Night," a smooth slice of funky beats, and "Understand," a soulful number with tight breaks. At once focused, balanced, and totally righteous, it is a huge step forward, filled with jazzy percussion, topped with soaring vocals, and held together beautifully with spacey keyboards that add a slightly cosmic edge. So relax and let Jiva provide the perfect soundtrack to the early evening's setting sun.