Attack Decay Sustain Release

Online Released On: Sep 11, 2007
Released By: Interscope Records

release description

Originally, Ford and Shaw were Simian's rhythm section, and this is a fact that clearly makes sense when you hear the amazing beats on Attack Decay Sustain Release. Which reminds us - something important to keep in mind about Simian Mobile Disco is that they do not use any modern electronic recording/music making methods, relying solely on analog synthesizers and drum machines. Indeed, Attack Decay Sustain Release (themselves the sound filters that manipulate sonic textures, something Simian Mobile Disco does best) is made entirely by hand, a feat for any electronic record created in 2007. This is about as DIY as it gets.

While some knob twiddlers are obsessed with splicing familiar songs together into brand new creations (and let's face it, the novelty factor in this wears off quickly), Simian Mobile Disco get back to the heart of their scene, creating damn satisfying, perfect slices of electro pop meant to keep your feet moving at all times. To call their tunes "nu rave" would be short-sighted, if only because dance music never went away. With their squiggly keyboard squelches and jack-hammer bass, the songs on Attack Decay Sustain Release command the club. "It's the Beat," featuring a guest turn from The Go! Team's Ninja, updates Technotronic's "Pump Up the Jam" for 2007, mixing Ninja's dancefloor come-ons with analog orchestra hits, while "I Believe" is unprecedented slink with washy, stacked vocals courtesy of ex-Simian vocalist Simon Lord. "Wooden" burns with psychedelic Technicolor waves, and "Tits and Acid" spills over with metallic twists, super overloaded snare hits and a siren's wail as its backbone. Simply put, this is a record that just won't stop.

Tour Dates

9/15: New York, NY, The Gramercy Theater

9/16: Montreal, PQ, La Sala Rossa

9/17: Toronto, ON, The Mod Club

9/18: Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle

9/20: Seattle, WA, Neumos

9/21: San Francisco, CA, Mezzanine

9/22: Los Angeles, CA, Echoplex

9/23: San Diego, Street Scene

10/18: NYC, TBD

10/19: NYC, TBD