1000 Ways (Remixes)

Digital Released On: Sep 12, 2007
Released By: Heads Up International

release description

This digital DJ promo features remixes of one of the standout tracks from Zap Mama's new album Supermoon. The album version of "1000 Ways" is a serious dance floor jam on its own, with esteemed drummer Tony Allen (founder of Fela Kuti's band Africa 70) providing the driving backbeat for the uplifting, afrobeat-fueled composition. Plantlife's Jack Splash lends a harder edge to the track with his remix, underlining the Marie Daulne's elegant vocals with a buzzing bassline and slamming beats. Meanwhile, French drummer Damien Schmitt takes a more grooving approach on his "1000 Miles to Paris" remix, with melodic sound effects and a deep House beat laying the foundation. With these two amazing remixes and the incredible original version, this digital DJ promo will have you basking in the light of Supermoon in no time.