The Art Of Love & War

CD Released On: Oct 16, 2007
Released By: Stax Records

release description

The Art Of Love & War is how Angie is meant to be seen and heard, and the sentiment is all hers. Stone wrote over 90% of the album, and the fourteen tracks on The Art Of Love & War showcase every nuance of her vocal range. She is powerful, playful, and coy, and her voice permeates every corner of every note.

"Baby," the first song to radio, produced by Co-T, features R&B/soul/gospel great Betty Wright, who has an irresistible groove. And that's just the beginning. The album is rife with singles, so this track should definitely whet your appetite for what follows. "Reasons," produced by DOA, is the only song that Angie did not have a hand in writing. But when she first heard it, it "filled my heart and made me remember not to take things for granted." Of "My People," produced by Idris Elba and Mike McClain, which features the one and only James Ingram, Angie confides, "I hope it makes everyone aware of what we've been through and that the struggle continues." Listen to "Here We Go," or "Sometimes," two of the six tracks produced by Jonathan Richmond. "I think 'Happy Being Me' might be my favorite track on the record," comments Angie. "I wrote this song because it describes right where I am and what I'm feeling right now, mentally and spiritually. This is the first thing I wrote after getting out of the hospital last year. It's my anthem. I would like to think that everyone can be happy being in their own skin."

"Baby" feat. Betty Wright