The Movement: Unifying The Masses

CD Released On: Jan 01, 1970
Released By: Ayize Inc.

release description

Toney Parka is hard at work on his freshman project, The Movement: Unifying The Masses. The album's heavy title captures the content of Parka's music perfectly. His lyrics expose the truths behind today's Hip Hop in an attempt to elevate the thoughts of Hip Hop supporters everywhere. Parka's music offers a refreshing rest from the computerized sounds that have become commonly correlated with Hip Hop. The tracks are composed of actual base lines, atop keyboard chords, with horn sections in the background, beckoning listeners back to the original sounds of Hip Hop.

However, an in-tune listener recognizes that The Movement is not just a sound. The Movement is a mission for the unification of the Hip Hop community, as opposed to its separation. If The Movement were a country, its nation's capital would be all communities with respect for Hip Hop. Its motto would be Self-Respect, Unity, and Empowerment. And its citizens would be all artists and businessmen/women with an agenda to uplift the Hip Hop culture. Ultimately, Parka is dedicated to surpassing borders and boundaries and disproving myths to provide a positive portrayal of Hip Hop. Parka's first album, The Movement: Unifying The Masses is due for release in the first the first quarter of 2008.

Toney Parka presents The Movement - New Style