CD Released On: Nov 13, 2007
Released By: Warner Brothers Records

release description

To help Seal deliver what he calls "a quintessential Seal album," he turned to British musician and songwriter Stuart Price, who co-wrote and produced Madonna's 'Confessions on a Dancefloor,' as well as Grammy-winning remixes for No Doubt and Coldplay. Indeed, Seal's one-of-a-kind soaring, husky baritone, combined with his desire to reconnect with the style of music he made early in his career, is what drew Price, who has recorded albums heavily influenced by British house music and Detroit techno under the names Les Rythmes Digitales and Jacques LuCont, to work with Seal.

Initially written on guitar, the songs were given energy and immediacy when electronic textures were applied as a sonic bed. Tracks like "Swoosh" and "System," with their driving beats and chiming guitar, "Amazing," with its multi-tracked vocals and washes of synths, and the clubby, Balearic-influenced "The Right Life" could all sit comfortably on Seal's debut. Though 'System' is primarily up-tempo, those who are drawn to Seal for his emotional, romantic love songs such as the Grammy-winning "Kiss From A Rose" will also be delighted. Married since 2005 to supermodel Heidi Klum with whom he has three young children, Seal says his newfound domestic bliss has certainly influenced his music, as can be heard on two ballads, "Wedding Day," which he wrote the morning he wed Klum, and the searching acoustic guitar and string-driven "Rolling."

It's also the reason Seal titled the album 'System.' "I'm talking about the emotional system - how one functions in a relationship. I felt that I and people close to me were victims of a domestic system, and we were being conditioned to accept the status quo. But on this album I'm saying it's time for us to take charge. We can change it. We can take control of our emotional system and be happy. My point is," Seal says, warming to his theme, "don't just sit there and allow life to happen to you. Go out and take charge if you want change, but it begins by making a change within yourself."