Enjoy The Ride REMIXES

Digital Released On: Jan 17, 2008
Released By: Ultra Records

release description

Dance music pioneers Morcheeba are jumping back into the club with remixes of "Enjoy The Ride," the lead single from their massive new album 'Dive Deep,' releasing on Ultra Records. The track features vocals by Judie Tzuke, who Morcheeba's co-founder Paul Godfrey grew up listening to and who has, as he says, "a natural sense of melody - her voice is unique and extremely soulful." Flipping the track for the dancefloor, the House-tempered "Silver Saver Mix" and the Electro-flavored "Weekend Return" remix are guaranteed to get people moving. These two club remixes, along with the original and a cappella versions, make for a ride too good to pass up.