Drastic Fantastic

CD Released On: Sep 18, 2007
Released By: Virgin Records

release description

Tunstall's new album Drastic Fantastic is chock full of powerful lyrics and bold, colorful melodies, showing Tunstall's growth as both a songwriter and a musician. A collection of thumping pop songs and intimate, often mysterious ballads, Drastic Fantastic has many highlights, including the rollicking "Saving My Face," ("about 50-year-old women trying to look like teenagers"), the delicate, jazz-inflected "Someday Soon," the quietly intimate "Beauty Of Uncertainty," and the frisky pop gem "I Don't Want You Now," destined to be a hands-in-the-air live favorite. "I definitely found my inner folk-punk on that one," she says. Tunstall feels her adopted hometown has "seeped under the door of Drastic Fantastic." The album's first single, "Hold On," - a thumping hoedown with a fat, ferocious beat that was inspired by the dancehall rhythms pumping out of the car windows in Tunstall's Northwest London neighborhood.

As for the album's title, it popped into Tunstall's head as she was writing in her journal on an airplane. "I'd been blown away by the film Sin City; I loved how [creator] Frank Miller's imagery came to life," she says. "It made me think how doing this for a living is such a comic-book existence. It's a bit like the X-Men minus the actual super powers. You're flying everywhere, you're down, you're thrown around, and you're exhausted to the point where you can't stand up or speak. It's not normal. Drastic Fantastic sounded like the name of my comic-book life."