Protest In Disguise (Special Edition)

CD Released On: Jun 17, 2008
Released By: Couture Music Wear Inc./Sumthing Distribution

release description

MYSELF's ambitious and groundbreaking, independently released debut album Protest In Disguise is out on his own boutique label Couture Music Wear, Inc. MYSELF's 'Protest In Disguise' was recorded at the legendary Chung King Studios formerly Chung King House of Metal. Chung King has been the home for many DEF JAM classic recordings (Rick Rubin, RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, LL Cool J). MYSELF can now be added to this A-list of album projects.

'Protest In Disguise' contains (16) turbo supercharged high octane tracks. The lead single "God is so Funky" is a soulful melodic/hypnotic catchy song that rocks the dancefloor!! "Where We Going? Is a blues entrenched worldbeat jam that incorporates the essentials of a modern day Bob Dylan/Bob Marley cry for change. "Baby..You Drive Me Crazy" picks up where the party let's's a fast & furious punk hip hop adrenaline anthem that delves into the hardships of relationships. 'Protest in Disguise' showcases musical dexterity and lyrical complexity...evoking MYSELF's strength as a tremendous songwriter, producer and lyricist. The songs on 'Protest In Disguise' burn slowly and ignites intensely, encouraging the listener to "Keep The Fire Burnin'."

The Afro-Punk rocker MYSELF's new genre defying future classic album 'Protest In Disguise' (bonus tracks) has struck a chord within the International music community. The album was released during this past summer on his boutique label, Couture Music Wear. It's been getting rave reviews and has consistently been on the top college/alternative charts. MYSELF has been featured on MTV, Fox, Okayplayer, BBC Radio, Oricon Biz Hits/Charts, Sir Magazine, Timeout New York, CNet Asia, Punk TV and his single "God is so Funky" was the video/single of the week on Imeen.Usen Radio (Japan's biggest cable/music broadcaster) recently featured "God is so Funky" as the International street recommended pick hit!

Upcoming MYSELF Dates

Sept. 27, 2008 - TV Taping of Video City TV

Oct. 4, 2008 - TV Taping of JCT TV

Oct. 15, 2008 - Guerilla Music Showcase (NYC)

Nov.- Dec. 2008 - Northeast East College Tour

Dec.10- Jan.15 2009 - South America Tour

Jan 15-March 2009 - Uk, Europe & France Tour

April- May 13 - China & Japan Tour

May 20- June 15 Dubai, South & West Africa Tour

"Baby You Drive Me Crazy" Video

"God Is So Funky/Where We Goin'" Video

MYSELF Features and Interviews

Interview in PUNK TV in Canada (June/July)

Feature in SIR Magazine (Summer)

Review by Okayplayer (80)

US LABEL: Couture Music Wear/Sumthing Distribution (Out NOW)

Japan Label: Ratspack Distribution (Oct.29,2008-release)

UK/World Label: Cargo Distribution (Feb.10,2009)



"Good job pushing the boundaries of hip hop. Very Rare, great sound.." — BENJI ILLGEN ( DJ Centipede/Mophono- San Francisco)

"This sounds great. I love the variation too!" — GREG FENTON (M8 Magazine/ Update Magazine- United Kingdom)

"...Really love that MYSELF is not serving us one plate, in fact MYSELF is serving us a whole 6-course meal,so you are bound to get satisfied. Great music." — JORGE GARCIA ( DJ o[iii]o- MIAMI FL)

"I like artists who dare to mix various styles and do it well!" — ANDREA PENNISI (Sob's/ Stern Music/ For The Record - NEW YORK)

"Really like that oldschool vibe! Nice one!" — BERND ROESLER ( Switchstance Rec./KInski/Groovesalat - Germany)