CD Released On: Jan 22, 2008
Released By: Koch Records

release description

Perhaps the appeal of Bjorkestra can be best summed up by the fact that Travis, despite a jazz background that includes a book of Eric Dolphy transcriptions, does not try to recreate Björk or simply do a standard big band jazz arrangements. Starting from the first arrangement he did in 1998 - "Hyberballad" - Sullivan has aimed more to reproduce the emotions in Björk's songs; and it's this emotional approach that takes Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra beyond the norm and even beyond jazz into a wonderful zone, as Sullivan says "between the cracks." Welcome to a new zone.

Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra Enjoy! was produced by Jason Miles, the Emmy-nominated and Grammy-winning producer, keyboardist and recording artist whose numerous collaborations include work with artists like Miles Davis, Sting,and Chaka Khan.

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Feb 25 7:30P CD Release Party @ The Jazz Standard! - New York, New York

Mar 5 - 8:30P Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz, California

Mar 6 - 8:00P SF Jazz Festival, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum - San Francisco, California

Mar 7 - 9:00P Harlow's Night Club - Sacramento, California

Mar 9 - 9:00P Safari Sam's - Hollywood, California

Mar 11 - 8:00P Soho Restaurant and Night Club - Santa Barbara, California

Mar 12 7:30P Anthology - San Diego, California

Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra - Enjoy!



"If Björk is chocolate and jazz is peanut butter, then Bjorkestra is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup." — SF Chronicle

"Bjorkestra proves its point nicely...The music of Björk does indeed make a splendid launching pad for big band arrangements and improvisation." — Boston Globe

"(Becca) Stephens is a stunning singer...(She) brings torch singer heat." — Relix