The Giku Experience 2/18/08: Feb Music Tribute to BLACK History (The Re-Experien

Online Released On: Feb 18, 2008
Released By: Afro Mosaic Soul

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The GiKu Experience Intro. (ft. Ishe)

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Act 1:

You have a choice... The Music Revolution Indoctrination

Music Soudscape:

"The Scheme of Things"... Artist - Ty (Apples & Snakes)

"My World (Nas Salute)" ... Artist - Jay Electronica (Re-Experienced)

"Would You Be True"... Artist - Awon (ft. Tiffy the Gift)

Act 2:

Keep it real ... a mothers death.

Music Soundscape:

"The Women Gather"... Artist - Sweet Honey In The Rock

"Sun Moon Child"... Artist - Imani Uzuri

"See the Light" ... Artist - Eddie Russ (ft. Barack Obama/Re-Experienced)

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"... Artist - Gil Scott-Heron (ft. Barack Obama/Re-Experienced)

"Act 1 : Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"... Artist - Jay Electronica (ft. Malcolm X & Bjork/Re-Experienced)

"Rej" ... Artist - Ame (ft. Sweet Hone In The Rock & Prince/Re-Experienced)

"FreakSide Instrumental" ... Artist - DJ Ian Friday (ft. Prince/Re-Experienced)

"Glow"... Artist - Annabel {lee} (Puerto Mix ft. Miles Davis/Re-Experienced)

Act 3:

People should not be afraid of their gov't,

gov't should be afraid of their people!

"Enter the Brainyak" ... Artist - Mr. Raw Brainyak


Yes we can ... Obama thanks Gibril Kuyateh


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