Paper Planes - Homeland Security Remixes

12" Released On: Mar 06, 2008
Released By: Interscope Records / XL Recordings

release description

The unstoppable M.I.A. extends her aerial assault on the dancefloor with star-studded remixes of "Paper Planes" by some of the best pilots in the game.

Y'all know the deal! "Paper Planes" is one of the most massive, dangerous bangers on M.I.A.'s chart-destroying sophomore album Kala. If you don't know you better ask somebody! Co-written by none other than Diplo, the track is fully-loaded with gunshots and cash-register samples, and rolls heavily on a riff from the song "Straight To Hell" by The Clash. With the sick video clocking serious clicks online and the song itself the cause of controversy among the politically-correct powers that be, this new 12-inch bypasses security and takes flight with five killer remixers 'pon the controls.

Remix royalty DFA launch an explosive space-funk version that is sure to burn up the club upon re-entry. Legendary B'More-Club pioneer Scottie B gets down and dirty with his remix, guaranteed to leave the floor bloody. Meanwhile, Mad Decent's own Blaqstarr hijacks the flight with Rye Rye & Afrikan Boy on the intercom. This 12-inch also keeps things elevated with the well-tested remixes by Diplo and Adrock. Diplo's crunked-out "Street Remix" hits the spot with additional murderous vocals by Bun B & Rich Boy. And Adrock (yes THAT Adrock!) gets bodies movin' with his own "Remix for the Children."

With all five extraordinary renditions at your fingertips, there's no telling where this 12-inch will strike next. And if you still haven't picked up Kala yet, be sure to get your ass down to your local record store and pick up one of the most important, buzz-worthy albums of 2007!